Dating a woman with trust issues Naughty houston chats

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Dating a woman with trust issues

Certain experiences in life have the ability to shape your personality, for better or worse.

You’re never quite sure who to believe and you doubt everyone’s motives, from your mom’s to your gynecologist's.

You demand the passwords for your friends, family and boyfriend’s email and Facebook accounts, obviously. It doesn't matter how tired, bloated or moody you are, you will never, ever let your boyfriend go to a party without you. You have, of course, secretly installed a tracking app on your boyfriend’s cell phone.

You go to the doctor for a general health check-up with no worrying symptoms at all. When someone tells you the time, you ask three other people afterwards. You don’t confide in anyone, including your therapist, whom you, groundlessly, suspect is not 100 percent confidential.

She won’t be sorry, and will always expect you to walk away.

Don’t date the girl with trust issues because before you reach the back of her thoughts, you will face all her demons.

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