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We wrap up one case and acquaint ourselves with another, while relationships get cookin’—and on multiple fronts.

This show is deftly juggling its brisk rom-com-iness with its subtle character moments, and I’m really loving the balance.

One finalist is a gangly, nervous man (Lee Kwang-soo), the other a mean-looking woman (Gu Eun-ae).

The announcer says, “And the winner is…” Cut to: Cyrano Agency, where the male finalist is now a client.

Next door, the two loan sharks cackle as they inform Seung-pyo about the case.

Byung-hoon is going to have to suffer to make this love connection—especially since they sent the client to him purposely knowing it’s an impossible task.

You just did something dumb and came right out.” She’s got his number, that’s for sure.

Byung-hoon says, “Oh, I’m sorry for getting it wrong—so being dumped is something you’re proud of? I’m about to give him the point here, but she bounces right back by saying it’s better than being a coward like him, leaving him without rejoinder.

Her reply takes the wind out of Byung-hoon’s sails, poor guy.

His reaction also proves that Byung-hoon hasn’t actually lost that sense of youthful romance; he’s just buried it way, way, way down under a teflon-coated armor of cynicism.

Moo-jin takes Arang home on his motorcycle, and during the ride Arang thinks of how he sent off the girl to the other guy.

She had left him with a sweet comment—that liking Arang proves she had good taste.

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Min-young complains about him ordering her around without explanation, and he holds out a necklace to her: “Your driving fee.” Ha.

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