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One document they uncovered from British Intelligence claims Hitler was flown out of the German capital by Luftwaffe pilot Captain Peter Baumgart the day before he purportedly took his own life.

Cimelody also provided agents with a photograph purporting to show Citroen with Hitler, who was named on the back of the image as Adolf Schuttlemayer.

A German U-Boat then took them to Argentina where the historians claim couple had two children before Hitler died in 1962 of natural causes.

Another writer, Argentinian Abel Basti, also claimed the pair escaped to Argentina via Spain and a submarine moored in the Canary Islands.

This explanation has the endorsement of Hebrew grammarians, who distinguish a plurale virium , or virtutum .

Others prefer to designate this form as plurale excellentiæ , magnitudinis , or plurale majestatis .

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By the time agents took any action the man claiming to be the Fuhrer - who was called Adolf Schuttlemayer - had apparently fled to Argentina.