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Now, Ridgetop is a beautiful small thriving community still welcoming with open arms and southern hospitality. The city of Springfield is located 30 miles north of Nashville and has a rich history in industry and business characterized by the historic Springfield Woolen Mills manufacturing plant and WSIX broadcasting.

The county seat for Robertson County and the largest city, Springfield is the retail hub for an area which extends well into southern Kentucky.

Also spread between Sumner and Robertson Counties, Portland has a well-developed industrial base in the 700 acre TN-KY Industrial Park just off I-65.

Portland’s best known event is its annual Strawberry Festival in May, dating back to the early 1940s when strawberries were the main crop in the area.

A diversified manufacturing base, as well as a regional medical facility in North Crest Medical Center makes Springfield a destination for shopping, work and services.

Now, the city has modernized its public service programs and continues to grow as a developing city. Previously known as Crocker’s Crossroads, the land that is now the town of Orlinda was originally purchased by H. Crocker who gave away a number of lots to encourage people to settle in the community.

Conveniently located off I-24, Coopertown is approximately 25 minutes between downtown Nashville and Clarksville.

Coopertown is the largest geographic municipality in Robertson County and got its name from the large cooper shop that made the barrels for the nearby Red River Mills Distillery.

For more information about the city of Greenbrier, visit:

Located in Sumner and Robertson counties, Millersville is 15 miles north of Nashville and was incorporated in 1981.

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