Dating myspace comments mario dating

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Dating myspace comments

What I really needed though was evidence of people who created accounts around this time frame, so I asked for some help yesterday: (Many people actually kept the original welcome email from My Space which proved enormously useful in this exercise.) All of this was pointing to the gut feel I had about the incident not occurring earlier than a 2008 time frame.

For example, this Business Insider chart: Keep in mind that this is a US chart (although arguably My Space was US-centric), and even if Gmail was at parity with Yahoo back then we'd still expect more Yahoo accounts as the incumbent mail provider; people were creating My Space accounts before Gmail existed.

Of course this is all assuming an even distribution of accounts over services at similar times which will never be before Linked In was.

What we really need though is more data from between 20.

I wrote to Myspace describing my findings and the impact.

After almost three months I received almost no response from Myspace, except an automated one.

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The data is now searchable in Have I been pwned (yes, all 359,420,698 unique email addresses) and if you do find yourself in there and know when your account was created, drop a note in the comments below and we might be able to crowd source a more accurate picture of when this event occurred.