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- First of all, you need to get your hands on some castor oil.Some people insist on jamaican black castor oil (jbco), but in my opinion, any castor oil will do.This says that the actual foundation of the investigation, collusion, came up empty. You had to ask, what do those records have to do with Russia collusion? Now, in a court of law, the president could not be charged with that.He heads the Justice Department as it is part of the executive branch.When it comes to recovering from hair loss and stimulating growth, castor oil may very well be awarded "magic potion" status.Castor oil is known to heal follicle damage that may occur due to improper weave application, tight cornrows, high tension braids etc.In fact, some of the investigators on this Trump-Russia “collusion” probe donated to the Hillary campaign. Dianne Feinstein from California said the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion has become an obstruction-of-justice investigation.Despite this, all they have come up with are process crimes and crimes allegedly committed before Trump was even thinking about running for office. This was after it was reported that Mueller was looking into Trump’s financial records dating to before he was a candidate.

It’s an executive matter over which the courts have no power of review. If Mueller tries to indict Trump, Trump would have unfettered discretion to fire Mueller and to direct the Justice Department to drop the case. However, I am convinced that this investigation is not for legal reasons, not for a court of law.

Impeachment is a political act and, therefore, requires the will of the American people to succeed.

That is why Clinton was not convicted in the Senate.

What they were trying to do, and the Flynn saga proves it, was try to criminalize a presidential transition. The Logan Act was passed in 1799 under John Adams that criminalizes negotiation by “unauthorized persons” with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.

From the moment Trump won the election and announced Flynn as head of national security, Flynn had every right to contact foreign dignitaries on behalf of the incoming administration so they would hit the ground running. Flynn, at the time of contacts, did not fit that description.

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