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Further information about the program and application instructions: Contact email address for further inquiries: lct-info at coli.Program coordination: Dr. Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova Department of Language Science and Technology Saarland University Saarbruecken, Germany Over the past few years, Deep Learning (DL) architectures and algorithms have made impressive advances in fields such as image recognition and speech processing.

Their application to Natural Language Processing (NLP) was less impressive at first, but has now proven to make significant contributions, yielding state-of-the-art results for some common NLP tasks.

Tokens are then processed by components such as word segmentation, morphological analysis and multiword recognition.

The extended abstracts should be between 500 and 800 words long (excluding references) and they are to be submitted on-line through Easy Chair: The deadline for submission of the abstracts is 18 February 2018.

The abstracts will be anonymously peer-reviewed by the Programme Committee, notification of acceptance will be sent out by the end of April 2018.

The program involves studying one year each at two different European partner universities.

Optionally a stay at one of the non-European partners for some months is possible.

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