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However, he was once said to be in a relationship with actress, comedian, model, and singer, Tichina Arnold in 2008. Currently, he is single, but he has disclosed information regarding his ideal woman in an interview with xo Necole's editor, Kiah Mc Bride in November 2015.“It is very important for me to say that I’ve done enough degrading of our women myself. With “Play,” even though I really enjoyed it and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that [song] in its proper place, there is no balance.” ”No, I’m not married.During a speech at South Carolina University, Banner reportedly said: "Perming your hair is a clear example of Black-on-Black crime and media control." spoke with the award-winning lyricist about the truth of the matter, the lack of natural-haired Black women in his music videos, and why the media needs to focus more on the positive. COM: Thank you for taking the time out to address what has become a heated debate in the blogosphere regarding an alleged comment you made about Black women perming and how it's a form of Black-on-Black crime. DAVID BANNER: Yes, I said it but my speech was taken out of context.I was invited to speak to the students of South Carolina State University, a historically Black college, and my speech was about integration and how it has affected Black folks. BANNER: As Black people we gave up our power for control and how we teach our kids.I can look at my skin, I can look at my face, I can look at my body, I know I've put 10 years on my life. The rapper, David Banner was born as David Crump Banner, on April 11, 1974, in Durham North Carolina, US. He moved to Jackson, Mississippi with his family and spent his childhood.Rapper, producer, philanthropist, political and social activist and entrepreneur David Banner on his controversial statement about why Black women shouldn't relax their hair, the lack of natural-haired Black women in his music videos, and why the media ne See photos of David Banner visiting troops in Iraq » Rapper, producer, philanthropist, political and social activist and entrepreneur Levell "David Banner" Crump is no stranger to historical firsts.Not only is he the first rapper to emerge from Jackson, Mississippi, and enjoy commercial success with his own indie label, Big Face Entertainment, but he might just be the first rapper to boldly and publicly criticize Black women for their chemical dependency—hair relaxers.

People hear what the general public is saying, so I was just taking it and turning it into something positive, and hopefully, motivate people to do bigger and better things, to feel better. Have you noticed a difference in day-to-day things? I set a goal for 215 pounds, and I really honestly didn't think I was going to get to 215 pounds, and when I got to 215, I was like, "Well, I want to dunk a basketball one more time before I die. With the programs that Scott has implemented for me, I know how not to — and this is strange, he said he's never seen this before — but I can knock off five pounds in a week. I know how to run, how to set my own plans, just based on my body chemistry and my body makeup. I'm going to be honest with you — it's an honor, because it was hard.Regarding his ethnicity and nationality, David is a Black American.David graduated from Provine High School in 1992, in Jackson.In short, I really don't care what Black women do with their hair. BANNER: As a Black man who stands for something and always has, I can't understand why every so-called media sites fail to do their research.Please know exactly what you're talking about and who you're talking about before you begin openly attacking people.

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So I made this statement, which was taken out of context, but I'm entitled to my personal feelings. COM: As a rap artist, you received criticism for your statement primarily because there is a lack of natural-haired Black women represented in your music videos. BANNER: As far as the type of women I feature in my videos, I'd have to say that if more sisters with locks or short naturals showed up to casting then most certainly I'd be the first to cast them.