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The accessories you add to your home all work together to help enhance the look and feel of the space and can be a quick and easy way to change the atmosphere of the room and this is the same for your web pages.By adding some personality to your website by using hand-drawn sketches, art, and well thought out design pieces, you create a site that is less sterile and more friendly.Think of your website as the building and the pages as the rooms, you need to look at the website as a whole.Do not consider a page to be separate, but to be a part of a larger page that is connected via halls (links), stairs (menus) and doors (backlinks).The focal point is also the most fun part of website design and is when you get to create something a little bit more unique that gives a space its main identity.Bring Life To Your Page In this section, you need to open your mind a little bit more and imagine that the pages of your website are the walls of your site.In the home, pinboards make an excellent alternative to picture frames and can create a personalized finish to your family photos, drawings, and notes. After all, it worked for Pinterest, so could bring an interactive and customizable section to your site.Many blog templates incorporate these types of features.

A feature point on a website is one part of the site decorated in a more extravagant and bold style that complements the rest of the site.A focal point should aim to draw the eye to it by creating interest, but should not dominate the eye line, this is why in interior design feature walls work so well.What works well for interior design will usually translate well to web design too.The use of contrast, especially with color can liven up a website and give it a modern sleek feel.Be careful with how you place contrasting pieces and colors as it can also cause a page to feel busy and disorganized.

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If you are a novice it’s still relatively easy to learn how to start a blog that looks beautiful and incorporates these seemingly more advanced features.

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