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Devexpress aspxgridview rowvalidating

Naming Container of any control in the edit form template.Put your validation routine in the server side _Validation event handler of the specific controls.I am using Dev Express Gridview for making CRUD operations, I am following this link. I want to Insert new rows, So I added properties in Gridview, And it shows create button.The problem is, In new row, When I change country it's not updating City automatically.A previous poster said a hack was necessary, putting a container inside the edit form template, which is not true.You can use the edit form template itself via the .

Useless as is very much of their so called support.

I want to validate input controls on the server side.

And yes, I do row validating also, but this is useful only for validating business logic.

A developer can easily build on top of what works in one instance but isn't necessarily right/best practice and get to a point where they have coded into a corner as they continue to build upon a project.

This example demonstrates how to check the validity of data entered by end-users into a row.

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We have an Entity Server Mode Data Source control, which is bound to the Data Source ID property.

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