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Funny quotes about dating guys

Well, this guide is written by a few girls for all you guys out there.

In his early 30s, the beer-bellied Dex has things figured out.

Can a cool smart guy, 50 pounds overweight, find his bliss?

This is a somewhat endearing indie flick, but it suffers from an amateurish script and inexperienced directing.

Then, at his ten-year college reunion, Dex meets Syd, and the "Tao of Steve" may not be enough to get him what he wants.

Plus, Syd remembers something important that Dex has forgotten.

Many countries are always trying to outdo each other in every area, and many very funny jokes illustrate that point clearly.

Below are some really funny jokes that show just how funny competition between countries can be: Russia and the U. were at the peak of the Cold War when they realized that they were going to destroy the entire world - several times over, even - if they kept competing by creating and using the traditional kinds of weapons. After long and arduous negotiations they decided that a dog fight was a great way to settle the dispute.

With a slash of his sword, the tiny fly drops to the ground, chopped in half. He too opened a matchbox to release a mosquito into the air.Just like alcohol can pack a lot of punch (or is it the other way around?), so one liners and really funny short jokes can pack a lot of fun into a very compact package.If the movie concentrated less on being hip and ironic, and more on the characters, the film would be better.Meeting Women Online Flirting Online Sealing the Deal Community Q&A Want to know how to cultivate a magnetic and electric personality that'll make women want to be with you?

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The rest of you will have to support yourselves." Let's proceed with even more great jokes.

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  1. I’ll admit there was a certain amount of complaining and maybe even a whine and perhaps even a foot stamp or two (while his back was turned, naturally) but somehow I managed to climb up to the ridge between the two peaks before he realized the only way he’d get me to the top was to strap me on his back and carry me.