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other subject matter seems to include rape and stuff about magicians and going to the carnival.

Also, the repetition of "Malinko" and "Shangri-La" in various songs-which I assume are involved in some supposed lyrical theme that traces through all of the group's albums- makes it appear as if they are trying to reach for the stars and make a concept album. Every song I have heard is laden with almost nu-metalish guitar. After all, why would any ICP record need an astute analysis of lyrical themes? I can't even begin to explain how they masterfully crafted each song on this album.

As for me I still don't see what's so horrible about this group, it's just some watered down horrorcore like Esham.

Their lyrics are extremely stupid and entertaining and they actually have some decent beats once in a while.

If it was possible for me to give a record ZERO stars here, then this one (and anything else by these jackasses) would get zero stars.

Here's to hoping that all the "Juggalos" grow up and move on to better music.recently my one son brandon has gotten into the hip hop music and so sometimes he plays this album when were driving to the pickle barrel or applebees.

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