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With your weapon in hands, you gaze upon the battlefield.

As the enemy approaches, you stand ready, unbridled rage flowing through you, contemplating the carnage that is about to happen.

Think of Fury Warriors as glass cannons, dealing arguably the largest single target dps but severely lacking defensive abilities.

Tip: Bloodthirst heals you for 4% of your total health, if you have the additional 10% health that Reinforced Armor provides you will heal yourself for more than without it.

That's right, you are a warrior, an unwavering beast waiting to be unleashed into continued massacre.

swing: an auto attack or white hit RNG: random number generator CC: crowd control MS: mortal strike WW: whirlwind BR: berzerker rage PH: piercing howl HS: heroic strike FC: flag carrier EFC: enemy flag carrier EFR: enemy flag room EROOF: enemy roof CD: cooldown GCD: global cooldown proc: effect triggered by an attack, based on rng Keep in mind that the lack of mortal strike will make most encounters against healers a lot harder.

Being able to reflect important utility spells is essential! After raging blow the same target twice you go into a trance causing to regenerate 3% of your health and 5 rage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.

If you are struggling with survivability this is definitely a great solution If, however you don’t feel you need the extra survivability but instead need extra mobility Barbarian is a great alternative.

This is a great little macro to have if your about to kill an enemy and healer decides to show up and save the day, simple set the healer as a focus and use the below macro.Having the ability to have a 15 yard execute rage is god like.Spell Reflect is the optimal talent to choose in tier. It can also be used to reflect high damage spells i.e. Battle Trance is the optimal talent to choose in this tier.The longer your Enrage passive is active the more overall damage you can dish out.Endless Rage is the optimal choice here if your running BG's without a healer.

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It can be a great gap closer if all over mobility spells are on cooldown, as well a useful interrupt for incoming CC’s or healing spells Tip: Always check the enemies line up before the battle starts, If the majority of the DPS is melee then it could be a smarter decision to pick Shock Wave over Storm Bolt.