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Every day is still a struggle, but having the app with me helps, especially when I feel that I'm about to give in to a ritual.

-- Jenna, Massachusetts Live OCD Free is the need of the day for OCD sufferers.

-- Anoop, New Delhi, India I have battled OCD symptoms - mainly checking and counting rituals - for nearly 20 years. Having the Live OCD Free app by my side is a constant reminder to keep working through the challenges so I can get better. The app is helping me improve my quality of life because I am giving in to fewer compulsions.

You will find your Asian sweet heart right here at Philippine Cam Girls!I recommend every OCD sufferer to have an access to this app .I would recommend every psychiatrist and psychologist to have this app and give it to their patients.-- Chris, Massachusetts My 12 year old daughter, Alexandra, has been diligently working with the Live OCD Free app for the past 3 months.During this short time, with much work and determination, she has achieved remarkable progress against her, previously omnipresent, OCD symptoms!

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