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When introduced in 1958, the ES-335 was the perfect marriage of the traditional hollowbody, and modern solidbody.It underwent some changes, both cosmetic (block inlays) and design (the trapeze tailpiece) but in 1981 Gibson got it "right" with the first official "Dot" Reissue.

Good enough quality for the pro player for just 9.

Upgraded with a set of Linday Fralin "Big Singles".

Quality Custom Shop piece for the player looking for the 335 Dot look, tone, and feel, in a guitar that's smaller and lighter.

this trope is not to be confused with its close cousin Pay Evil unto Evil, in which an asshole also suffers from another's cruelty as payback for their cruelty.

The difference lies in how much the perpetrator knew about the victim, and whether that was his motive for committing the act.

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Compare: Suffice to say that the Pay Evil unto Evil can have a perpetrator of almost any morality while the Kick the Son of a Bitch is always a case of Evil Versus Evil. Also compare—but do not confuse—with Pay Evil unto Evil.

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