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And finally, you will forgo God’s discernment if you are having sex with the person you’re dating.

God promises guidance toward a no regrets life if you obey His commands.

If this was 3 or 4 years ago it may have been higher up on the list, but it's too overdone.

It's been the song of choice for too many American Idol, The Voice, and every other singing competition audition and it's just kind of getting old.

Lane would promise herself, But whenever the “next time” would come, Lane was just so excited about the new relationship that she jumped in with her whole heart––without taking the time to seek the Lord’s discernment, or even ask for godly counsel from her Christian friends. Lane knew that God wanted her to wait to have sex until she got married, yet she always excused her promiscuity by telling herself, So, here she was again.

Broken hearted, alone and asking herself, “Why do I keep falling in love with the wrong person? SEE ALSO: Why You Should Look for an Imperfect Spouse Maybe you can relate to Lane’s story. What advice can we offer to a woman who seems to keep falling for the wrong guy?

On a side note, the guy who plays "the devil" was my professor in college. That is how I interpret this song and it's one of Keith's best.

Although Toby didn't intend this to be a break up song, it's the perfect song to listen to after someone just demolished your heart and soul.

If someone hurts you real bad there is no better feeling than having some event happen that helps you get over it and allows your confidence to recuperate. The best part of this song is the girl in the song thinks that she can play games and expect the guy to take her back.

If it happens to make the other person feel dumb at the same time, I guess there's nothing wrong with that. What better stick it to em' song is there than this?

Last and certainly not least the classic country break up song by the king himself, George Strait.

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Let’s look at two reasons you may be always falling for the wrong person: You’re not relying on God’s discernment.