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Especially if it will halt decay and deterioration into a derelict ruin.But in the case of Caldwell Tower, we think that the owner’s have gotten it alarmingly wrong.This donation will help secure the long term future of this website and our mission to inform and assist all those who are keen to live in an unusual home.After too many years on the shelf, this water tower deserves to have a sale go through.Plus our Unique Property is currently on it’s 25th building project for our core group of members and the three main volunteers here have over 100 directly owned building/purchases between them during the last 25 years, we do have a decent amount of track record that might be of use in helping you.If we are retained by any of our readers and do achieve a further discount with a completed property conveyance at the end, saving the buyer many thousands of pounds, we would ask the successful purchaser to consider donating a 0.5% equivalent to the eventual purchase price if the efforts at Unique Property Bulletin prove successful for you.There is someone in the UK who would like a unique property in Kent.Our job is to help find that person and introduce them to the owner of Stede Hill Water Tower. The only problem at this end, is I have confused the word “Stede” (watermill) with “Steed” (from The Avengers).

Maybe even end up going mortgage free – a wonderful feeling.All of you soft Londoners, Mancunians, Cardiffians and Edinburgers please be thankful you have tons of cold-weather infrastructure. At the very top of the UK, we only had 50 tea-lights and they’ve all gone. Normally, the daytime television is never on here at Bulletin HQ, but such was the novelty of having electricity reconnected, that the goggle-box was switched on in the background.Enjoying a session tapping at the Unique Property Bulletin computer keyboard for a completely different listing, something on the tv caught my attention. The reason being, we had featured this very water tower in an old issue of Unique Property Bulletin.was chirping happily away about an old watermill conversion for sale. Curiosity as to whether this old mill was still for sale got the better.Because of a power cut last week, serendipity brought Stede Water Tower back onto our radar; and we can now present it to you for your review.

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Notwithstanding our minor gripe about auction prose, and the fact this is a helluva basic refurb., so far, there is considerable potential.

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