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The only conclusion I can reach for the Atlantic article from Merritt and Robinson is the conclusion asserted by Schreiner and Allen: “Unfortunately, the article misrepresents the CSB and may be intending to create controversy at the Southern Baptist Convention meeting this week in Phoenix.” That being the case, I believe the article failed miserably.I would encourage everyone to consider the CSB for use in your churches.These guidelines have been used by many recent and faithful English translations of the Bible; and from Doctors Thomas Schreiner and David Allen, who each served as the Co-Chairs of the CSB Translation Oversight Committee and state that the translators chose to update to modern usage words like “brothers” to “brothers and sisters,” where context clearly indicate such was the intent of the original author, as well as keeping “man” in 2 Timothy and “faithful men” in 2 Timothy 2:2 where the context indicates male pastoral leadership for local churches.Additional information is also available on the CSB website.I have had people ask me where they can get that translation for themselves…and they went out and bought it.

With what I am seeing related to the new CSB, I would urge you on a personal level, and my fellow pastors on a shepherding level to seriously consider the implementation of the CSB in your lives and ministries.

This Catholic version was translated from the 3rd UBS Greek New Testament and the 26th edition of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece by Mark Wauck.

His goals are to render the text faithfully in contemporary American English. 1 Peter : ..sanctify in your hearts Christ as Lord: [being] ready always to give answer to every man that asketh you a reason concerning the hope that is in you, yet with meakness and fear...

This revision utilizes the translation process employed by global mission organizations for translating the Bible into new foreign languages.

The goal is to express the meaning of what appears in the forms of the original biblical languages into those expressing essentially the same meaning in modern English.

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We especially have no dearth of English translations, and with these translations we have seen, at times, translation wars–King James only…the ESV of Reformed spirituality (I jest. I will admit that I have had and continue to have very definitive opinions on Bible translations.

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