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roundbreaking journalist and documentary filmmaker, often compared to British Michael Moore, Samuels was born and raised in Manchester, but has inhabited the Hampstead’s next-door Primrose Hill known for being the venue of the notorious parties of Gallagher brothers, Kate Moss and Jude Law.

Samuels has worked undercover as an investigative journalist in Northern Ireland, and, by his own confession, has faced numerous dangerous situations: confronting fascist skinheads in riots to fearlessly accusing a drug lord of a murder plot in Jamaica.

We just don’t seem to do a good job of looking after those people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for our country.

Which is why it is so unusual and inspiring to see the impact that art therapy can have in getting tough guys to open up about something so emotional.

I don’t ever think of myself as particularly conservative, but I guess the idea of trying to push back against some of the breakneck forces of technology and progress might be one area.

For example, thinking that boys should grow up running around, kicking a ball, climbing trees and not spending all their lives in front of screens.

Labour candidate Sadiq Khan's victory in the race for City Hall was finally announced just before 12.30am on Saturday morning, following a delay in counting the second preference votes.

With all votes allocated, he received a total of 57 per cent, well ahead of Goldsmith's 43 per cent.

But I do think some people are just more wired to find partnerships and relationships more straightforward than others.The approach really depends on the story and how to really bring it to life.Sometimes that might involve a stunt or some such of use, other times it is a much more straightforward documentary.Parts of the dating chapter sound like they could come straight out of Californication – Tim as London’s own Hank Moody.So it’s perhaps not surprising that David Duchovny is a big fan of Tim’s book, saying: “: The agenda, if there is one, is really about journalism and finding different ways to tell stories to make sure they really cut through and have an impact.

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But generally I would say it’s a more absurd and challenging time than many of our predecessors had That speaks to some of the crazy people that are out there on Tinder – which is such a strange and unnatural way of meeting people.